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Various Methodologies in Use for Developing Information System Wi...

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Various Methodologies in Use for Developing Information System Within Software Industries.

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Various methodologies in use for developing information system within software Industries. Prof. Nilesh Mahajan Prof.Bharati Yelikar Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, M.C.A. Dept. M.C.A. Dept. E-mail : E-mail: Contact No. +91- 9764157232 Contact No. +91 - 9822320209


Development of Information Systems faces many problems. Problems consist of low productivity, a large numbers of failures and inadequate alignment of information systems with business needs. All the above problems are further aggravated by the increasing complexity and size of software products. Information system development is defined as a change process taken with respect to object systems in a set of environments by a development using tools and an organized collection of techniques to achieve or maintain an object. The first problem is Low productivity, it simply demands for building new or improved Information system have increased faster than our ability develop them, Second problem is number of failure are due to economical mismatches such as budget, schedule overruns, third is link between Information system and organizational performance and planning has been doubtful. In this paper we discuss a variety of methodologies used software project management.


XP : Extreme Programming
RUP: Rational Unified Process
DSDM: Dynamic System Development Method
FDD : Feature Driven Development...

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