Various Life Stages of a Girl

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Researching to write this paper, I ran into numerous opinions and analysis on the stages a girl goes through in her life. From my perspective though, looking back at my 15 years on this earth, I know exactly the stages I went through. I’ll name these stages as I elect to even though my naming may disagree or disagree wit the experts. The first stage I call the childhood stage, followed by the preteen years, and finally where I am now in my teens getting closer to stepping into early adulthood or rather womanhood for us girls.

Even though maturity is a broad concept relating to a state of mind, and also to physical changes I feel compelled to discuss all stages of my life so far because they all contributed in a way or another to my maturity on both levels.

I call my childhood years the years extending between my birth to the age of about six years old. During that time as a girl I don’t remember much about my life except for some fragmented recollections. Mainly being a small girl in stature, long flowing hair and a body just like any other girls out there at my age. I was neither fat nor skinny, but with a body ready to go through the changes every girl will go through as she grows up. I don’t remember being ever passive, but always questioning the unknown and trying to get answers even if I had to make up my own.

My preteen years are the years I recall most vividly. Those are the years extending between the ages of six to eleven or twelve maybe. In those years, I started seeing the changes to my physical appearance and became very aware of those changes. Going through puberty maybe the time of my life that I remember the most because of the permanent changes to my body. On the intellectual level, my preteen years defined my personality to a large extent, unlike many other girls, I never imitated anyone but always was my own person with my own sets of ideal and expectations.

The last stage would be the one I live now, my teen years. I am fully...
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