Various Elements of Human Recreation and Leisure

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Observation Assignment
On October 4th, I had the opportunity to observe “Fall Fest”, an event coordinated by the Starin Hall Lit team. During this time, I was able to observe and apply the concepts discussed in class to the range of activities I was witnessing, which allowed me to obtain a clearer understanding of the interactions on display before me. One thing I noticed is that the event intertwined the various elements of Human Recreation and leisure in such a way that each element complimented one another, adding a unique dimension of enrichment to the activity being performed. Although I don’t see myself as an event planner in the future; the knowledge I gained from observing this event has provided me with concrete visual, and discerned data on crafting and successfully maintaining an environment in which people feel recreationally at leisure – by combining fun with relaxation – and by allowing people to execute desires that would otherwise go unattended throughout one’s day. Desires that would constitute the “Self-Esteem”, and “Love and Belongingness” aspects of Maslow’s pyramid. Self-esteem being a factor because students would be able to display their skills [via the various activities] for others to see – and “Love and Belongingness”, in that a warm and focused social environment was provided for them to do so at this event. Normally, I do not attend these events, and I was under the impression that not very many people did – however, when I arrived to observe - I was met with quite the contrary. This brings me to my first point – motivation. What would motivate people to take time out of their free time to attend a mid-level, University-Sanctioned gathering? As would be expected, the activities provided for students to partake in could be compared to an elementary school fall celebration, so the primary reason for students to attend, I can confidently say is social motivation. As I watched them partake in these activities, I noticed that they were...
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