Various Aspecs of Police Operations

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Various aspects of police operations
Jose Sanchez
November 23, 2011
Francisco Juarez

Various aspects of police operations
Being a police officer is not as easy as we all think. There are many risks that police officers take by trying to protect our community. Some of this risks police officers take can even take them to dead, every year a lot of them get injured and some they are just killed from all over the world. Let’s begin with some as simple as a car crash, the police officers are always driving taking care of what’s going around them but who takes care of them, who will not say that out of the sudden a drunk driver or an accidental distract will not put a patrol in a crash. Maybe this is the last risk you think of but there are a lot of police officers that patrol in bicycles too, that means that all drivers should always take a look before they are going to go forward because you never know what things you are going to find in front of you. It is actually documented that drunk drivers are attracted to lights, so by the time a police man pulls you over to a side for a traffic stop and putting himself into a big danger. He could be speaking to the occupant when a car just comes up to him a little too close. Poor eating habits/ health concerns, Emergency situations/ Disasters, Arresting violent suspects, Dangers of contagious diseases are just some other risks that a police man can take. Every time a police officer makes the decision to use deadly force, such as getting their gun and shoot someone for a good cause, people will always question themselves, whether it was necessary for that cop to do so. I think that is because we as humans are always afraid of the dead or the killings, so we always are going to question why police officers and patrols have the right to shoot at anything or anyone. Nationally recognized experts in the field of the use of deadly force, such as Geoff Alpert, maintain that 25% of police shootings might be avoided...
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