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Topics: English Renaissance theatre, Drama, Theatre Pages: 4 (1591 words) Published: May 20, 2013
In my essay I will be investigating how variety shows changed overtime and impact in Britain. A variety show is theatrical entertainment consisting of successive unrelated acts, such as songs, dances, and comedy. It also covers magic tricks, circus, animal acts, juggling and acrobatics.

Theatre and Drama in Ancient, history of theatres starts in Greece where Greek’s began around 700 B.C. with festivals honouring their many gods. The Greek Theatre was a central place of formal gatherings in ancient Greece. Not only did the structure serve as the stage for Tragedies and Comedies, but it also provided a forum for poetry and musical events. At the early Greek festivals, the actors, directors, and dramatists were all the same person. Later, only three actors could be used in each play. After some time, non- speaking roles were allowed to perform on-stage. Because of the limited number of actors allowed on stage, the chorus evolved into a very active part of Greece theatre. Though the number people in the chorus are not clear, the chorus was given as many as one- half the total lines of the play. Music was often played during the chorus delivery of its lines. The architecture of the ancient Greek theatre consists of three major parts: the Orchestra, the Scene and the main theatre, called Koilon : One cogent theory about the evolution of the peculiar Greek theatre architecture is based on the notion that people congregated around threshing floors at harvest time and performances irrupted. The theory is a reasonable one. If the threshing floor were near a hillside, like the one on the right, a naturally raked seating area would be available; a tent erected on the side of the threshing floor where costumes could be changed, the addition of a raised platform to elevate performers into an even more visible position is the next logical step. Later on, theatre was very popular amongst the Ancient Romans. The first Roman stage plays were mounted as part of religious...
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