Varietal and Generic Wine Label

Topics: Wine, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: June 10, 2011
Wine label as the only source of information consumers can get about the wine is definitely affects the consumer’s decision. The label is the important recourse for consumer evaluates the wine before purchase. So for the restaurant manager, it is important to design the wine menu and addressing the wine details correctly. There are two types of wine labels: Varietal wine label and Generic wine label. This assignment is going to describe and discuss the positive and negative sides of these two labels, and explain the right way to addressing the label issues.

The Generic wine label is widely used in Europe centuries, such as France, Spain and Italy est. To introduce the Generic wine label it should begin with the term “Terroir”. According to Introduction to French Wine Labels 101 (2000), Terroir is the interaction of soil, topography, growing conditions and climate that give wine grapes a unique character. So, they believe that only certain types of grapes grow best in certain types of location. That is why the Generic label just has the Region on the label and do not have the grape variety on it. They just grow the certain grape in certain area. So, the consumer can know the grape variety though the region. In France, there have the law strict to the grape grows in every regions. It also seems as a way to control the quality of the wine.

The positive effect of the Generic label is encouraging the consumers to learn the background culture of the vineyard. The producer presumes their customers can identify the grape by seeing where it came from. Such as ‘Champagne’ is used even people who do not drink wine have mental image of a sparkling wine. It is a successful sample of Generic wine label, it has same as the name ‘Moselle’, it not only brings the name to the wine, it also brings the prestige to the region. The Generic wine label will encourage the staff and guest to learn the knowledge about the wine region and it is good for the region to control the...
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