Variations Between Home School and Public School

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Final Essay

There are many variations between home school students and public school students. According to The National Assessment of Education more than one million students are currently, as of November 2012, attending a home school environment. By parents switching their children from public school to home school it has caused a 75% increase since 1999. By comparing and contrasting the difference and similarities between the workload, pace, social development, and the students focus, meaning how much time a teacher could spend with a child; one will see the variations between home school students and public school students. There are many variations in the similarities and differences of the student workload.

There is no one specific similarity or difference in the workload and pace that the students take. This is because so much plays a part in their education and what they are currently learning. Home school generally fits the student better because it gives them equal opportunity to study in the way best suited for his or her learning abilities. The learning style in home school allows the student to work at their own pace without possessing the constant demands of timelines given for assignments or tests. They can focus on just one assignment at a time and advance to the next once they have mastered what they are working on. In public school students have to worry about the deadlines on every assignment teachers have assigned to them. This makes it extremely hard on the students because they are worrying about multiple classes at a time where as in home school you are strictly learning one subject matter at a time. Students tend to struggle with this because they do not feel as if they are given the appropriate amount of time to learn what they are working on. Public school...
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