Variation of Aladin

Topics: Princess Jasmine, Love, Marriage Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Phyo Phyo Kyaw Zin
Mr. Gardner
GSTR 110
30th Nov 2012
“Not Everyone Can Make Use of Great Opportunities”
Genie heard someone scratching the lamp in which he was prisoned. Then a super bright light fell upon him. He was released! He flew out and saw Aladin who was totally surprised. After learning that Genie was more than three thousand years old, Aladin was even more surprised by Genie’s youthful and handsome look. Genie had to fulfill three wishes of the person who released him from the lamp. Granted three wishes, Aladin started with his desire to marry the Princess of Persia, which Genie could provide only facilities to help Aladin presentable and desirable to the princess. Genie was incapable of making people fall in love so he made Aladin a king of Faraway Land with a splendid and strong fellowship of men, enormous wealth and honor. Finally they reached the palace and attained the permission to see the princess Jasmine. She elegantly walked into the living room to see Aladin but unfortunately, she was very much enthralled by Genie’s mature and good features. She failed to appreciate Aladin’s efforts and love for her, and instead she fell deeply for Genie. On the side of Genie, he was guilty for receiving the princess’s attention and care but he was captured by the princess’s beauty and shrewdness. He had lost in touch with women for a few hundreds of years and it was hard for him to resist a charming lady. However, he was resolute to help Aladin who freed him from his lonely and dark world. So, he swallowed his love and tried to divert Jasmine’s attention to Aladin, which was in vein. In an era where girls were supposed to suppress their feelings, she defiantly declared her love to the king and demanded their marriage. The king was not surprised by Jasmine’s actions because he was used to her rebellious nature. Aladin asked Genie to make Jasmine love him, which Genie could not afford. Aladin sarcastically said, “You are having pleasure...
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