Vans Shoes History

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Vans Off the Wall

Vans Inc. is a prosperous company, which manufactures shoes and apparel. The company was formerly known as Van Doren Rubber Company, Inc. and changed its name to Vans, Inc. in 1991. Since the beginning, Vans Inc. has strived for popularity in snowboarding shoes and skateboarding sneakers to try to keep up with the fast growing and extreme sport cultures. Paul Van Doren started the company in the United States in March 1966. The company began to manufacture shoes in the first Vans retail store located in Anaheim, CA. With such a prosperous beginning in history, the shoes that continue to be manufactured could be defined as one of the leading shoes for the skateboarding industries. The reputation of the shoe itself has lead the skating industry in a revolutionary and unexpected way since 1966 up until this year with much future to come.

The shoes have its unique style with its signature waffle sole that has made an impact with the youth. Differently from its current competitors in the skating industry, vans shoes have a unique sense of style by using canvas material, making the shoes more durable than the competition. Along with the use of canvas material, comes the options of variable designs and colors to fulfill the need of the young customers. The shoes come in a variable combination of color hues and stitching designs. For more than 46 years Vans footwear has been at the heart of skateboarding from the classic Vans canvas shoes to their technical skate shoes. Vans define individual style that is an excellent match for skateboarders around the world who practice the sport. Being a productive business, Vans Inc. has a broad market around all the states in the U.S and more around 50 countries around the world. The Business Week website briefly describes the company's target market by stating, “Vans, Inc. operates as a branded lifestyle company for the youth market. It reaches its 10 to 24 year-old target consumers through the...
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