Vanish- Challenge of Removing Stains and Banishing Detergents

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Vanish- Challenge of Removing Stains and Banishing Detergents

By | July 2012
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Vanish- Challenge of removing stains and banishing detergents (case developed by Prof Harsh V Verma, FMS, University of Delhi for Reckitt Benckiser India Limited) The still in the room was palpable. The fluttering of papers on the table created noise which usually went unheard could now be heard loud and clear. The meeting last evening with the marketing director had some unsettling effect on the brand manager of Vanish which sent him in deep thinking mode. How can the penetration level of the brand which enjoys leadership position worldwide in stain remover market be increased? Even after four years of its launch it continues to struggle with abysmal house hold penetration level of 1.1%. Working with a company like Reckitt Benckiser (RB) in India was a great thing for here was an organization which led the categories it operated in. Name a category in which RB operated trying naming the leader and it would be a RB brand. This is what people in Reckitt’s office at Gurgaon took pride in. But then this pride and pleasure also put a strong burden on the managers. The implicit norm here was that each brand must become top seller. The meeting last evening was about the brand which underperformed compared to other brands in the company’s portfolio like Dettol, Cherry and Colin. The brand manager (name) reclined the seat to have a more comfortable posture simultaneously turning it towards the large window which allowed a peek outside. This probably was much more than a simple gesture to get some physiological comfort rather an inner urge to get some out of box ideas to turn the performance of his baby Vanish around. The Pride RB is not an ordinary company. It is an extraordinary business organization with worldwide leadership position in household cleaning. The Indian arm Reckitt Benckiser India Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of RB. Prior to 1999 the Indian firm was known as Reckitt Colman which was rechristened as Reckitt Benckiser after RB’s merger with Benckiser...

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