Vandium Research Paper

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Vanadium is a hard, silvery grey metal. Vanadium was discovered by Andrés Manuel del Río, a Spanish-born Mexican mineralogist, in 1801 [1]. Some sources say Vanadium is soft because it is ductile [1]. Vanadium is harder than most metals and steels [1] It is resistant to corrosion and it is stable against alkalis, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids[1]. It is oxidized in air at about 933 K (660 °C, 1220 °F) [1]. This paper will discuss the effects of Vanadium on the environment and Vanadium’s properties.

Chemical Properties:

Vanadium is a transitional metal. Its atomic number is 23 and its atomic mass is 50.9415 Vanadium’s family group is 5 and its period is 4. Vanadium is a moderately reactive element. It does not dissolve when put in water and it doesn't react to oxygen at room temperature. Vanadium also doesn’t react with hydrochloric or cold sulfuric acid. However, it is reactive with hot acids, like hot sulfuric acid and nitric acids. When vanadium reacts with heat and oxygen, vanadium oxide is produced. Vanadium oxide is used as a catalyst [2]. Vanadium resists corrosion, which acid causes. These acids include alkalis, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and salt water, It oxidizes at temperatures exceeding 660 degree and Its common oxidation states are +2, +3, +4 and +5. The higher the oxidation is, the more toxic vanadium is. Metals are elements that have a shiny surface, good conductors of heat and electricity can be melted, hammered into thin sheets, and drawn into thin wires [3]. Vanadium is created in about 65 different minerals and has compounds that are toxic [1]. Vanadium is able to be turned into many different forms.

Biological Properties:

Vanadium is accepted to be an essential trace element in the glucose metabolism [4]. Vanadium compounds have physiological effects in simulating physiological functions of insulin, and have a good prospect acting as a class of diabetes drugs [4]. Some inorganic vanadium...
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