Vandalism in Street Art

Topics: Crime, Art, Law of the United States Pages: 5 (1819 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Art has been involved in the human society since day one. The first appearance of art that was discovered were the cave paintings in France which date back to 32,000 years ago.These paintings were created on walls, meaning they were meant to be seen by everyone. Street art is very similar, because it is art work that is displayed on a public level, similar to the cave paintings thousands of years ago. Street Art is a new movement in today’s art society that is taking the world by storm. In street art the artist’s works are displayed for the world to see. Artist use urban environments such as buildings, sidewalks, streets, and walls as there canvas to create spectacular works of art for everyone to see. Artist display their work in public spaces by using paint, spray paint, stencils, stickers, and installations. Street art takes everyday objects we see and transforms them into something extraordinary. Designs of faces cartoons, political figures, pictures, illusions, sculptures and statues can be seen on the side of large buildings, asphalt, billboards, everyday walls, and even through traffic signs.( Lewisohn 3)Seeing this art work on the side of a ten story building can be breathtaking, and the question comes into play, how did it get there? Well the first thing that is needed to create street art is an artist. The artist will than choose a location were he/she best feels the art needs to be. A location is half of the process, a good location can take weeks to find than there is the process of scoping it out for cameras, law enforcement, traffic in the local area and most importantly when will the operation take place. These are all vital pieces of information to successfully create a street art master piece. So, there is a location and a set time, now the second half of the process begins. When arriving to the location there needs to an idea of what is going to happen, game plan. The game plan for most artists is to be stealthy, quick and effective. As the artist approaches the wall he/she has their materials at hand ready to go. Depending on what street art genre is about to be create there is a need for different materials. The materials used to create a propaganda poster that will be placed on the wall are the poster , adhesive glue in a bucket and a rolling paint brush. is to the wall and the first artist roll on adhesive glue all over the wall with their brush, They then apply the poster over the glue by rolling it out and then brush more glue on top of it to protect it from the elements and insure a long viewing life. Final step Walk away and admire the beauty of street art. With the popularity of street art growing and more art work appearing, local law enforcements are noticing the amount of street art. To law enforcement officers street art is seen as an act of vandalism, which is punishable by state law. Though street art can be considered an act of vandalism at the state level, it will never be punishable under federal law.

The laws of America are created under the United States Constitution. The constitution is federal law, which indicates that all fifty states most abide by those set laws. This includes many crimes that, if they did not occur on U.S. federal property would otherwise fall under state or local law. Within the state there can be state laws created by the state legislature and then be signed into law by the state governor.  Each state has its own set of laws that state citizens abide by. With individual state laws comes individual state punishment. Every crime is punishable by law and every state has their way of handle it.( Eichelkraut) So, what is vandalism a federal law or a state law? Vandalism is covered by state laws, and changes by state. Some states refer to vandalism as "criminal damage", "malicious trespass “and "malicious mischief". In an effort to control the impact of vandalism, many states have specific laws that may decrease certain forms of vandalism.  For example, some...
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