Vandalism: Education and Public Properties

Topics: Education, Graffiti, Vandalism Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Recently, vandalism is rampant in schools and it starts to make people around worry about it. According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, vandalism is defined as the act of damaging or destroying things, especially public properties. For instance, vandalism acts are drawing graffiti (doodling) or lucid words on the wall of toilets, damaging equipment at children’s playground and tearing posters in public areas such as notice boards. To sort this matter out, some effective measures are taken.

First and foremost, errant students should be sent for a counseling course. They supposed to attend the counseling sessions provided once or twice a week. They are supposed to go for the counseling session during their recess time or after school so as not to disrupt the learning process. Counselor in the school should be the right person to give the counseling. Counselor is the one who is responsible to provide some appropriate counseling sessions for those errant students in order to make them realize their faults.

Secondly, the school authority should employ the security guards who are able patrol the whole school compound. Security guards are those who are well-trained and they really can help in curbing this problem by always ensuring the students’ safety. The security guards can take their turns to patrol around the school compound or even divided into a few shifts between them. Once they are able to catch the culprits around the school compound, they should immediately contact the police to take their prompt action. Besides, prefects are also instructed to patrol around the school. They can go on patrolling during the recess time in a group of three as it is for their own safety. The names of the culprits will be stated on the disciplinary board as they are caught vandalizing.

Furthermore, deterrent sentences or punishment should be carried out towards the errant students. Again, the school authority such as disciplinary teacher should punish the...
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