Vandalism and Graffiti Artists

Topics: Vandalism, Art, Graffiti Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: February 18, 2013
08 February 2013
Response: Art Crime: Graffiti Wars
Matthew Newton began his article, Art Crime: Graffiti Wars, by explaining a man whom the police identified as the most wanted graffiti artist in Pittsburgh. After bringing the man to court, police had come to realize that he was wanted for crimes that resulted in $212,000 in damages. The case of this man illustrates what people believe as an increasing crackdown on graffiti across the country. Newton addresses the argument of what graffiti art really is. Some says that it is a very complex community that serves a very important communicative message amongst people. To opponents, its simply vandalism and it should be punishable. So many different types of people are involved in the world of graffiti. In New York, graffiti artists are known as “professional muralists who work in aerosol” and have their own web site. Taggers believe their graffiti is a victimless crime. They also think that writing on walls is a form of expression, its artistic, and its beautiful. Being able to tag is a positive outlet as compared to other options in the street for young people. Victims of the illegal act things otherwise. Wealthy individuals believe that graffiti takes away from the value of their home and their personal image. They are determined to put a stop to tagging because they consider it a threat to the quality of life in their communities. Graffiti artists are well aware of the intolerance most people have with their art. Artists know that if they get caught, they are faced with terrible legal troubles. In my opinion, I choose to side with the graffiti artists because I believe it is a wonderful outlet for expression and freedom. It’s so much better for troubled kids to be into art instead of worse crimes such as burglary or gangs. I don’t think its fair that people view this art as a crime because it’s just a different version of creativity. Sure, instead of fences and houses we could provide another place for...
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