Vanadium Essay

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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One of Vanadium’s biggest uses is in alloys. About 80% of Vanadium made is put towards making alloys. Vanadium based alloys are considered good materials for many applications. Vanadium based alloys exhibit several attractive properties for the environment. The relatively high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion of these alloys result in lower thermal stresses for a given heat flux compared with that of most other materials, which enhance the lifetime of the metal and allow for higher stresses. Since the mechanical strength is retained at a fairly high temperature, higher operating temperatures are projected for these alloys than for different other steels. The metals, like vanadium, exhibit good characteristics relating to corrosion resistance in purified liquid metals. The vanadium alloys also exhibit useful properties, which include lower parasitic neutron absorption, leading to better tritium generating performance, lower neutron heating rates and lower helium generation rates, compared to other steels. Vanadium is alloyed with steel and iron for high speed tool steel, high strength low alloy steel and wear-resistant cast iron. Vanadium is also an important beta stabilizer for titanium alloys. Steels containing vanadium have found wide acceptance in offshore and pressure vessel construction and, along with quenched and tempered plate steels, are extensively utilized in heavy industrial equipment, architecture and off-highway vehicles. Wieldable micro alloyed strip and plate steels containing vanadium alone, but more often in combination with columbium, titanium, aluminum and molybdenum. Vanadium alloys found their first important commercial applications as high-strength line pipe materials, many thousands of miles of which are now in service. Vanadium dual-phase steels have established their weight-saving advantages in automotive and truck applications primarily for heavy stamping such as bumpers and frame members. Vanadium-micro alloyed forging...
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