Van Gogh Starry Night and Influence of Many

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  • Published: January 15, 2013
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Van Gogh, Starry Night and the Influence of Many

Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh was an inspiring artist, whose unique techniques and styles captured the attention of many artists and critics. Van Gogh’s emotions and surroundings was what interpreted his paintings. When it comes to the topic of Van Gogh’s artistic approach, each of his pieces displayed a brilliant use of color along with molding color and harmony with applying the elements and principles of art. While developing his techniques, Van Gogh was inspired by many artists such as Anton Mauve and Jean Francois Millet, adopting and changing his perspective into his style for his paintings. Other contemporary artists were inspired by Van Gogh, such as Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso producing an individual style, relating to different art movements. The discussion of Vincent Van Gogh explains the significance of his style in art, a brief, synopsis, of his medium used in the composition of Starry Night; along with discussing its meaning. What will mainly be discussed are the influences on Van Gogh and how his influence attracted other contemporary artists.

Post Impressionism focused on structure, form, and establishing the atmospheric mood in surroundings. While it is true that the natural Impressionist uses color, Van Gogh insists that as a Post-Impressionist, it is more freely expressed. Vincent Van Gogh showed his talent and passion for art in his paintings; however his establishment of a painting begins with applying the basic principles of art. Writing the article Vincent Van Gogh Drawings, Gelber explains about how Van Gogh practices drawing sketches and brainstorming before producing a painting. “Formally speaking, the late drawings reveal that Van Gogh’s understanding of linear perspective allowed him to squeeze as much emotionally as possible out of each composition. He uses a variety of circles, curved lines, straight lines, and even dots.” Religion, in particular, was his central...
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