Topics: Dracula, Vampire, Bram Stoker Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Andrew Sweeney

Research Proposal

According to Teresa A. Goddu, " The number of the world's vampires live in the United States, according to Vampire Research Center: 550 in United States. Number who live in Romania: 3"(125).The original vampire was from Transylvania unlike todays novels that place vampires in small towns in the United States. The media has turned the terror of what was the vampire into a laughing stock. An example of this is from the series Twilight by Stephanie Meyers which romanticizes the vampire, and doesn't acknowledge that true and historical vampires are cold blooded killers. In todays modern times, the vampire has been remade to appeal to viewers and culture, but has strayed from the true vampire ideals of the works of Bram Strokers' novel Dracula. Bram Stoker is using Dracula as a metaphor to show us that Vampires are one of form evil in the world because evil can take many shapes. Vampires try to be nice on the outside while on the inside they are soulless and evil. It is hard to believe that we have people in our world that truly believe they are vampires but yet we have them. Theses so called "vampires" are not having a major effect on our way of life but every so often we hear of people found feasting on blood in abandon buildings or saying that they killed the victim for the blood to keep living. So the true question is how vampires are changing to fit todays modern society and why the vampire exist; are they just a metaphor for the one of the many shapes of evil in our life.
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