Values Reflection Paper

Topics: Morality, Virtue, Ethics Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Values Reflection

Ursula Wilson


November 18, 2012
Mathew Workman

Values Reflection

Every individual has a set of his or her own personal values that dictates how he or she reacts to situations in life and these values also define who he or she is. Values are significant and lasting viewpoints and principles shared by most people in society in regard to what is morally right or wrong. Some examples of values are integrity, loyalty, honesty, virtue, love, selflessness, and zeal. Values can sometimes sway an individual’s actions and can act as general rules for every circumstance. Individuals in society will often have his or her own set of values that serve as an individual blueprint that defines who he or she is and is the influencing factor in how he or she lives, behaves, speaks, and believes. My core values are honesty, love, trust, spirituality, family, accomplishment, respect, perseverance, and hygiene. My most important value is family, no matter where an individual is or what an individual goes through in life I believe that family should always be first. Every family has ups and downs and I firmly believe that a family should always help each other and should not become enablers. The second most important value to me is love; a person must first love his or herself before others can love him or her. I love myself first and my love for others is very true and does not falter if someone does me wrong. I truly believe an individual can still love a person if the person hurts him or her in any kind of way, but the individual can love that person from a distance. My faith is very strong in my life because without God I would not be here and I know that his love will take me further than what man can. I also believe in honesty because if I am honest with people they will trust me. One cannot have honesty without trust. I set out...
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