Values Parents Take for Granted

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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What do people take for granted that they should be more skeptical about? Paulina Diaz
Mr. Reshef

Parents take for granted that by sending their children to school they will receive a good values education, when really values are acquired by children at home first during their early years of life.

Values are beliefs that are important to an individual, a family, a society and civilization. A family or society without a value system has no direction. A good definition is provided by the United States Air Force Academy, stating that character is made of “qualities of moral excellence which compel a person to do the right thing despite pressure or temptations to the contrary”. (2) Values tell people what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, etc. They answer the question why people do what they do. They become important in people’s day-to-day lives.

Examples of values are; ambition, competency, individuality, equality, integrity, service, responsibility, accuracy, respect, dedication, diversity, improvement, enjoyment/fun, loyalty, credibility, honesty, innovativeness, teamwork, excellence, accountability, empowerment, quality, efficiency, dignity, collaboration, stewardship, empathy, accomplishment, courage, wisdom, independence, security, challenge, influence, learning, compassion, friendliness, discipline/order, generosity, persistency, optimism, dependability, flexibility

Some parents do not pay enough attention in conveying the right values to their children, assuming that they will receive them at school. But, while in today’s world it is important that schools support good values in their programs it is absolutely essential that the basics are taught at home first.

Family is the main value provider. Your values are made up of everything that has happened to you in your life and they start with influences from your parents and family. Values are conveyted since birth and a good transmission in the first years...
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