Values Hidden in Harry Potter

Topics: Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Several religious groups are against the Harry Potter series because of their beliefs; they are against the idea of magical creatures, witches and wizards. But in reality, this story goes beyond these, it teaches us a lot of values through the characters and their actions. Some of these values include: respect, courage, perseverance, friendship, loyalty, and something that Voldemort could never have, love. In first place, we have Hermione Granger, a really intelligent, brave, and strong girl. Throughout the story we see Hermione evolve and change in the seven books. In her first year, she suffers because she has no friends, but after several events she finally understood that friendship was an important thing in her life that helps her get through her life. In the second year, she got through the bullies and learned to defend herself by not listening to them. In her sixth year, she learned to overcome several obstacles like heartbreak, although she was very sad, she didn´t get depressed and continued with her life. She continues to do this in the seventh book, when Ron leaves, but she still gets through the fight against the dark wizards. Second, we have Sirius Black, although he was raised by dark wizards, he decided not to be like them. He took the right path in his life and made really good friends, but he was dead to his family; they didn´t accept him. He shows loyalty to his friends, by protecting their son, Harry Potter, until the end. Although everyone thought he was a bad person, he didn’t let that get to him. He proves them wrong by telling the truth of the day he got into Azkaban (prison). Next, there is Severus Snape, a really important character because of his role through the truth behind the lies of Albus Dumbledore. First, everyone thought he was a bad character, but then we realize that he was actually good. He killed his headmaster, not because he was mean, he made him a favor by avoiding a slow death. He teaches us that if you are determined...
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