Values Essay

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Values Essay

Values can be described as the universal idea of appropriate and pleasing action that informal and formal social organizations hold. People were born to follow their beliefs and thoughts, which are developed by their ancestors. In an environment, someone who has different society ideas and values, might dress him/her and behave differently from others. These individuals sometimes would be seen as unusual and most likely be excluded by other regular ones. The instinct of humans is approval from others that make most of individuals in a particular society to the popular appearance and behavior rules which reflect the particular society's values. One must be certainly influenced by society values, society that he/she lives in. Therefore, the way people look, dress and act, to some extent, reveal their attitudes and interests about their neighbors, culture and society. A lot of people in today's world, particularly in developed countries, look and act in a different way. Some may like to wear sports costumes, while others enjoy putting on formal clothes, some like smoking cigarettes, while others treat themselves to natural and fresh air. This shows that the society's tolerance to diversity and people's freedom of pursuing their own life style. Nevertheless, in a different or particular country, that is not the case. For instance, women in Iran shelter their face from being seen by others, which reflects the society's belief and thoughts about women's human rights. However, appearance and behavior of a society are unable to tell its true face. As depicted in history when European colonists were busy working to explore new land in the middle of America, they had to fight with Indians who were original residents of the land. The white European colonists saw the brown colored as ancient people, because they fought with different tribes and always lived on killing wild animals. However the truth is that while Indians were wearing poor clothes and lived on...
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