Values Education's Reactio Paper

Topics: Anxiety, Emotion, Force Pages: 5 (2167 words) Published: October 8, 2011
“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or for bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.”-Tom Blandi

Values can either be transmitted or acquired. It is anything that we put importance on. It comprises all the behaviors, attitudes and cultures one is into. Sometimes, we are confused if values are how we deal with people but realistically speaking, it is how we deal with our environment- how we view things in or with its realize how important we are as a rational being. Human as rational individuals has the capacity to think logically or to think dependently and feel. Feeling is being able to express his emotions and reaction in any form of situation. Values Education helps us to construct self-identity and self-perspective. It is more of Self- Concept. When we talk of self-concept, it is how we view ourselves in a more justified way. Sometimes, we lack self-esteem and confidence because we have this perspective of being down. As a thinking being, we should know how to control and modify our feelings. At this very moment, we should already know who we really are. Values also deal with how we give importance to our environment as well as education, that’s why we always pay attention to learning styles ad models. Researchers estimate that we spend more than 70 percent of our waking hours communicating with others- speaking, listening, reading, or writing. More than 33 percent of that time is devoted to talking and more than 42 percent to listening. Since a commanding amount of time is spent in listening, it assumes primarily importance in our lives that we need to be interpersonally competent. Being interpersonally competent is not only a skill that permits a man with his competence in speaking or communicating with others; it is also a way of listening with sympathy and empathy. When one is good at communicating, it’s a must that he is also a good listener. Maybe in some ways, listening sounds simple, but it is a serious and often difficult business. It is hard work, but the pay-offs for developing closer relationships are worth the price. And nowadays, we refer interpersonally competent to individuals who are good at it but if we critically analyze, they are those who listens well. Listening is one of the most neglected and least understood of the communication arts. Learning how to listen doesn’t require a degree, but it does take training. Anyone can learn to do it right. All body responses and emotional expressions are part of non-verbal communication- they tell the real story. Few people grasp the importance of non-verbal. In normal communication, the words used or the content accounts for only seven percent of what is conveyed. Our style of communicating, which is clear and normal to us may be perceived by someone else in totally different way than we intended. Again, it is important to ask if our perception is correct. Most of the problems of today deal commonly with friends, family and colleagues. How we pay much attention to them and how we value them. You may think that your friend since grade school will forever be your friends. If someone is making bad choices and constantly trying to drag you down with them, then it may be time to terminate the friendship. Thing is, ending it badly can cause you grief. It is important to end a toxic friendship gracefully so that we can minimize the toxicity. No matter how terrible our friends’ behaviors are, it is natural to feel guilty for wanting to end it. Many people want to hang on to a friendship after it is no longer offering the positive energy and connections that is used to. In Values Education, we are also taught of individual growth in a group. And pairing some simple tasks doesn’t require much focus make sense. For instance, we can easily fold laundry while watching television. Sorting mail and talking with someone works only if you are simply...
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