Values and Planning P1

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Values and planning
Values and planning:
Is where a professional in a health and social care setting needs to plan support for the individual service user, the professional need to make sure that the right kind of care is given to the service user, to do this they look at the service user Holistically, Holistic means looking at the service user as a hole by looking at there pies which are Physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. In a health and social care setting values and principles are important, values being important and lasting beliefs, values have a major influence on a person’s behaviour and attitude and principle’s being basic guidelines on the way you expect people to behave in a health and social care setting, values and principles help provide holistic support.

Empowerment of individuals:
Empowerment of individuals means allowing the individuals to express their needs, present their concerns and being able to take action to meet those needs. In Moses case study an example of empowerment to individuals would be that Moses expressed his needs to his friend who attends the same church as him, his needs being that he wants to become more independent as he has lived at home with his parents doing everything for him all his life and has only ever spent very little time away from them, by Moses expressing his needs to his friend this has allowed action to be taken as Moses friend then contacted a social worker who came out to Moses and his family to talk about his needs of becoming more independent, by this happening Moses needs are met as it is agreed that Moses could have a trial period in a sheltered housing scheme in a town about fifty miles away from home.

Promotion of choice:
Promotion of choice means the right, power or opportunity to chooses e.g. choose the way they are treated or cared for, take their medication and to decide if they need certain precaution measures, to choose what they think is best for them, to be able to have a choice. An example of how promotion of choice has been uses in Moses case study is that although Moses parents did not want him to leave home Moses still had a choice on what he wanted to do which is leaving home or staying with his parents, Moses chose to leave home although his parents did not want him to he still had a choice which means Moses was given promotion of choice.

Promotion of rights:
Promotion of rights mean preventing human rights abuses, combating discrimination, promoting equality and enhancing peoples participation in democratic decision making processes, elements backed by the law e.g. to be respected, to be treated equally/not discriminated. An example of how promotion of rights has not been used in Martha’s case study is that the staff are not treating Martha equally as they prefer not to take her out on day trips when Martha is a really sociable woman and enjoys conversation, group activates and days out by not allowing Martha to go on the day trips this is not giving her promotion of rights, Martha should be treated the same as everybody else in the care home so therefor should be taken on day trips as this is What she enjoys doing.

Recognition of preferences:
Recognition of preferences is where a person prefers has a greater liking of something else meaning someone’s first choice, the right, power or opportunity of prior choice or claim. An example of were recognition of preferences has not been used in Martha’s case study is that Martha would prefer not to take the tablets that the doctor has prescribed her as she beliefs they will have side effects and has stated that at her age and with her knowledge she should be allowed to make her own choices but some staff crush her tablets up and add them to her food without her knowledge when Martha has made a choice not to take the tablets so therefor this is going against her recognition of preferences also if the doctor...
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