Values and Ethics That Influence Social Care

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Values and ethics that influence Social Care

Values can be defined as:
“Emotionally charged beliefs that influence how we behave an which are influenced by a range of factors and experiences throughout our lives F.Sussex & P.Scourfield (2004
The things, beliefs, ideas are peoples values as they consider them important and will defend if they feel they are being threatened. Things individuals value can either be tangible or non-tangible, tangible values would be actual items whereas non-tangible values would be things such as ideas and relationships as they cannot be seen or touched. The value base known as the care value base is followed by health care professionals. The care values are recognised as the DRIPFC:

All health and social care workers should be aware and sensitive to the individuals in their care as all individuals deserve to be treated in a manner that preserves their dignity and self worth. Respect

No matter what age or circumstances an individual has everyone has the right to be respected, it is a basic human right. The way health care professionals approach, communicate with and treat an individual, should demonstrate respect for the individual.

Being treated as an individual promotes independence. Opportunities to think and act without reference to another person including willingness to incur a degree of calculated risk. Privacy
As long as the individual is not going to harm themselves, privacy is a basic human right. In health care confidentiality is essential as every individuals has the right to their treatment kept private and confidential. Fulfilment

Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing ones ability or character

Being given the opportunity to options is important to service users as it promotes their independence, for example being given the choice of what to wear, eat etc.

The national minimum Standards Statement:
8.3 “Service users are addressed by their preferred name at all times” This demonstrates respect

5.1 “Care and support staff respect information that has been given in confidence and handle all information about service users in accordance with the data protection Act 1998”

9.2 “Service users are encouraged, enabled and empowered to control their own finances. This demonstrates independence

1.1“Service users have access to information so that they can make informed choice as to whether the agency is able to meet their specific care needs” This demonstrates choice
8.2 “Care and support is provided in the least intrusive way at all times” This demonstrates dignity

9.4 “ When caring for children every opportunity is taken to enable them to participate in activities and to develop through learning and play” This demonstrates fulfilment

1.1“Treating each person as a individual” is referred to as respect 1.4 “ Respecting and maintaining dignity and privacy of service users” This is referred to as dignity and privacy

3.1 “ promoting the independence of service users and assisting them to understand and exercise their rights” is referred to as independence and fulfilment.

Ethics can be defined as:
Ethical questions are concerned with how we ought to live and how we should act. In particular ethics are concerned with human goodness and how we can achieve such goodness through our actions.” J.Hayward et al (2000) ‘exploring Ethics’

The mention of morals is sometimes brought up in discussions on ethics and to some extent the two words can be taken to mean the same thing. The two are both about what is right and wrong in relations to human behaviour. Our morals and ethics can be divided into two category

Those who resulted in and form part of the laws of the land which govern behaviour, for example someone stealing •Those who are part of an internal moral code that is unique to the individual and is more likely to be the result of upbringing/experiences, an example is someone being kind....
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