Values and Ethics in America Case Study

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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BA 3102 – Summer 2, 2012
Video Case Assignment

“End Game: Values and Ethics in America”

1. The most ethical decision is if she turns left into town and report the accident to the police. Even if she turns herself in and jeopardizes to lose her school-funding grant, she knows she did the right thing and her conscious is clean. She caused a fatal accident that killed the other driver, which means she must report to the police. If she doesn’t, then her friend should turn her in and help her for the long run. Human moral and ethical values are more important then the award for the school grant and reputation in the company. In the Deckop Chapter article-“Theoretical Bases for Analyzing the Ethics of a Decision”, it compares the utilitarianism and universalism theories. It states that utilitarianism is regarding “the greatest good for the greatest number and the ends justify the means”. It’s not ethical to disregard the law and serve the greater good. If she was killed in a deadly car accident, I’m sure she would want someone to report her death to the police who would later notify her loved ones. Running away from an accident is not only unethical, but is also a crime and there is no justification for it. The consequences of fleeing a crime scene is more severe than turning yourself in. “The pressures of a situation may cause one to apply self-serving biases that while in the short-run appear acceptable, in the long-run result in damage to one’s firm, career or self in terms of staying true to ethical principals and human morals”(Desktop, 2008). I strongly agree with this statement. If she won’t report to the police, and deny what she did, she would be living with her guilt knowing she knew what was the right thing to do, but she made the wrong decision. By knowing she is responsible for someone’s life and didn’t notify anybody, in the long run, it will destroy her emotionally (guilt, depression or even suicide).

2. I think I made the right...
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