Values and Ethical Decision-Making at Apple, Inc.

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Values and Ethical Decision-Making at Apple, Inc.
Malika Hobeheidar, Lindsay Norwood, Jeff Isaacson, and Harold Peterson University of Phoenix

Values and Ethical Decision-Making Compared with Apple, Inc. The values people choose and the ethical decisions they make in business will be an important part of their business experience. The way in which values and ethical decision-making are practiced compared to that of Apple, Inc. will be the focus of the following information. Furthermore, Team C will compare and contrast the values and ethical decision-making of Malika (a University of Phoenix student) compared to that of the values and ethical structure of Apple, Inc. Evaluating Values

Values are taught throughout an individual’s life by different sources and the environments in which each individual lives. Personal values can “evolve from circumstances with the external world and can change over time” (Selfgrowth, Pg. 1, 2012). Personal values can change and evolve with situations that people face. Apple for example, tries to find the type of values an individual has to offer the company, by interviewing the individual. Individuals with high values tend to make ethical decisions that will benefit the company. An employee who was very ethical and contained high moral values may not depend on those values in the future. When employee’s values change the values can become a detriment to the company. Organizational values are determined by upper management within the company. Apple has a set of core company values that the new chief executive officer has set for the company. One of Apples core organizational values is “We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change” (devdaily, Pg. 1, 2009). Apple has been set on organizational values from the beginning. The Apple company handbook also lists other values important to the growth and development of the company. Apple states very clearly that employees will succeed in the company if he or she follows the company’s values. Apple also stresses the importance of a team atmosphere in the workplace. The Apple Employee Handbook encourages employees to share ideas and values with management groups to help improve the company (Apple Employee Handbook, 1993). Ethical decision-making at the Apple Corporation is based on the necessity of the company helping improve the lives of individuals. Apple is based in many countries where labor laws and unethical practices are a daily occurrence. Apple has had difficulty passing on their ethical values on suppliers providing components to the company. In 2010 Apple conducted several audits of companies supplying components to Apple. Apple CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at the time Steve Jobs addressed the problems head-on and notified suppliers to the company that “social responsibility a fundamental part of the way we do business, we insist that our suppliers take Apple's code as seriously as we do" (Robertson, Pg. 1, 2010) The findings were a result of audits done by the Apple corporation on suppliers used by the company. Inventory Result’s and Apple Alignment

The inventory states that Malika tends to base ethical perspective on an individual’s duty or obligation to do what is morally right, which can also reflect principals that represent what rational persons should morally do (University of Phoenix,  2011). In judging if an individual’s actions are ethical, Malika looks at the intent of the action rather than focusing at the result. The inventory states that from Malika’s perspective, ethical principles are: (a) appropriate under any circumstances, (b) respectful of human dignity, and (c) committed to promoting individual freedom and autonomy. The inventory writes that Malika believes that human beings have intrinsic value. Therefore, one cannot support social traditions and...
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