Values and Ethical Communication Behaviors

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Values and Ethical Communication Behaviors
The subjective assessments made about the relative worth of a quality or object. Therefore, values become part of complex attitudes sets that influence our behavior and the behavior of all those with whom we interact. Organizational Value Systems

Values are part of the shared realities generated through organizational communication. These shared values are reflected in organizational myths, stories, mission statements, physical surroundings, slogans and decision making. Organizational values are transmitted, maintained and changed through organizational communication processes. Organizational values are seen in the decisions members make and not only influence the behaviors of current members but also contribute to the type of person who gets hired and the types of career experiences employees are likely to have. Organizational Value, Globalization and Diversity

Diversity in values does not occur solely in the global business environment. As the workforce includes increasingly diverse cultural groups, organizations, often attempting to have their own distinct value systems, will increasingly reflect value differences and similarities across groups. These values differences and similarities are important for both individuals and organizations. Value Congruence

The similarity between individual and organizational values, between employees and their organizations has a significant effect on organizational commitment, employee work satisfaction and turnover. Individual Values

Value congruence is important for allowing an individual to identify positively with the organization. One of the difficulties thoughtfully understands the real values of an organization before become a member. The process of matching individual and organizational values also is complicated by the lack of individual understanding of how values systems relate to work life.

Value Orientations
Personal values can be described in terms of...
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