Value Ship

Topics: Value, Cash flow, Discounted cash flow Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 11, 2011
1.Based on prices for comparable transactions, how would you assess the reasonableness of the Bet Performers $133 million purchase price in May 2008?

To value a ship using the market approach, one had to identify a set of “comparable” ships where comparability was based on four main factors: ship type, size (DWT), age, and condition. According to Exhibit 3, there are five ships which are the most comparable to Bet Performer. They are Martha Verity, Ingenious, Sumihou, Cape Sun, and Coppersmith. These ships all have the most similar characteristics, in terms of ship type, DWT, ship age and gears. From the chart below, we could say that the purchase price of Bet Performer is a little overprice but still reasonable.

Sale DateShip NameShip TypeDWTYear BuiltAge at SaleGearPurchase Price  Mar-07Martha VerityCapesize 158.01995 12 gearless $63.0 May-07IngeniousCapesize170.0199611gearless$64.2
 Nov-07Sumihou Capesize 171.1 199611gearless $106.0  Mar-08Cape Sun Capesize 171.7 19999 gearless $135.0 May-08Bet PerformerCapesize172.1199711gearless$133.0  Jul-08Coppersmith Capesize 149.7 199513 gearless $101.0

2.How much was the Golden Wing worth in January 2009? Is this value, more or less, or the same as its purchase price of $27M?

Golden Wing’s net book value in January 2009 was $21 million. This value is lower than the purchase price of $27 million.

3.Under what conditions are market prices of ships likely to equal their fundamental value? Under what conditions are market prices likely to deviate from their fundamental values?

Market prices are likely to equal their fundamental value when the market is performing on average, when there are normal market conditions. Market prices are likely to deviate from their fundamental values when market conditions are dysfunctional or irregular, with either excessively high or low prices. The goal of HSES approach was to calculate a ship’s LTAV, in...
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