Value of Money

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Dear Friend Today I will talk on the topic, yes it is “Value of Money”. M oney plays very vital role in our life. Exchaging goods for other goods are now obsolete. With the help of money we can purchase any think we wish. Philoshipicallly speaking with money we cannot by everything but practically it is the basic thing which calculate the status of a person. If we divide the people in 3 category Rich, medium and poor than we can say that the poor people understands the value of money more than the other two. In india there are so many village where people lives below poverty line some of them are compelled to sell their children to other just to earn their bread & butter. This is really very alarming situation that after 65 yrs of independence we are so backward. There are both positive and negative impact of money on our life. Let us first talk about the positiveimpact. 1. People become Hard worker and committed becoz these two things are required most to earn money. 2. They can rule the materialistic world. 3. It helps in economic growth of a country Now, the negative impact of money 1. It changes everything, even the behavior of a person. They became insensitive, unfriendly and some rude also. 2. Some people (mostly youngster) wants to earn money within fortnight and to fulfill their goal they adopts wrong ways such as murder, robbery etc, which ultimately leads them to wrong place. 3. Health of an individual also affected, means they took lot of stress and even they do not concentrate on their daily routing. They worked day & night and also avoided basic things towards their health, due to which they eclipsed with so many decease like BP, diabetic etc. In short I would like to summarize that money is very important to live smooth life, if you do not have money nobody will stand by you and if you have enough money the same people worship you, but as I already told you that we cannot buy everything with money like happiness, love, faith these eternal things are...
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