Value Of Life

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  • Published : November 27, 2013
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Life is a rollercoaster full of trials and tribulations viewed differently by everyone. The only one thing in life that is guaranteed is the end is inevitable. Everyone dies and life doesn’t go on forever. Life is full of “life, love, wonder and laughter” as said by Roger Ebert on his deathbed. Many people view life as a monetary value while others view it differently.

The article “What is life worth” discusses the monetary value people set on life. The article explains the concept as always having “made people intensely squeamish” and whether or not a price tag should be placed on a personal life. A price tag should be placed on a persons life. A monetary value is set on how much success a individual has gained in there lifetime. The more income the individual made will determine the more amount of money the family will receive. A reluctant issue is how certain occupations receive more then other such as people who protect our country. Like Ripley states “Is a poor mans life worth less than a rich mans?”

Money is one of Americans most prized possession. I had a friend who wanted to go to the navy and received a good paying job while attending school. He became arrogant and cocky and distanced himself from me. Money can brainwash people to view unimportant things as priorities. Life shouldn’t be measured by monetary value but of moments and experiences that bring happiness.

The speech given by Steve Jobs emphasizes how one should “find what they love” in order to live with success and love. Steve jobs states “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” As life goes on you grow and learn through experiences. Life should be the pursuit of happiness with people and things who help one accomplish that.

One should be able to wake up everyday content and in love with what they do. The pursuit of happiness should be given to an individual by themselves and no one else. I see my dad waking up everyday Vice President of a company and he loves what...
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