Value of Life

Topics: Human, Morality, Life Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: February 23, 2013
How Should Our Society Assign value to a Human Life?

Today's modern society designates someones life value by their achievements, past, or the salary they receive. Amanda Ripley, in “What is a Life Worth”, states that nowadays we base life on money. “There's even a price for your knee, roughly $200,000.” (37). Putting a price on a life is morally wrong. In today's society, people automatically expect money when their loved ones die, when the reality is no money can loved ones viod of a loved one. The character Hamlet in Shakespeare's play “Hamlet” demonstrates the harsh fact that most people value life when something unfortunate is happing. Misfortunes, such as death, open our eyes and make us value and cherish what we have. Lance Armstong states, “ I returned a different person, literally.” (36). Lance had a near death experince. After surviving cancer he learned to live life to the fullest and value every moment of life. The government's idea about giving a human life a price is wrong. After the attacks on the Twin Towers, families all over the country were devasted and heart broken to hear that their loved ones had pasted away. The United States Government tried to compensate the families with money. Instead of being thankful, people got offended. Feiberg, a government employee hired to compensate the victim's families, stated “just some rough approximation of what I thought was fair.” (41). Feinberg became accustomed to all the accusations and critique. He came to acknowledge that they will never be satisfied with the amount of money they receive. There can be two factors for this, people are either greedy and keep wanting more, or they feel that no money can satisfy their loss. Looking back into our history, life was not valued as much as it is today. People converted others into slaves, or even killed them because of their ethnicity or race. We have learned from their mistakes. Today's society designates a human life a money value....
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