Value of Higher Education

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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As a child one may be encouraged to read by the idea that reading opens your mind up to new worlds. Such can be the same with a higher education. Education is a way to develop mentally and morally. Often we think about the financial benefit of a college degree. But what about things obtained that do not have a monetary value? There are things that we gain through the experience of college that otherwise, we may not.

When you decide to attend college, you often have an idea of a field of study that you would like to follow. This is something that you have been exposed to but not have complete understanding and knowledge. But as you gain knowledge in the field of study, you will also gain confidence. Other times, one doesn’t know the field of study they would like to enter. So in order to figure it all out, they begin taking classes that might spark an interest. This opens the door to new ideas and opportunities. The value of higher education can be considered vital to enhancing your quality of life and self worth no matter your field or profession. In today's society your options for academic achievement can be limited or sometimes eliminated by not having a post-secondary education. Many types of careers actually require post-secondary education as a prerequisite for entry to that particular field. Even in those occupations where post-secondary education is not a mandatory prerequisite it is certainly viewed favorably. When you have completed a post-secondary education in your chosen field, you demonstrate to employers that you have formal training that has prepared you with at least entry-level skills related to that occupation, and you are committed to pursuing a long-term career in that particular field. The fact that you started and completed a post-secondary education program gives potential employers confidence in both your qualifications and your commitment. The completion of post-secondary education in your field of expertise is often the...
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