Value of Games and Sports

Topics: Ancient Olympic Games, United Kingdom, Multi-sport event Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: February 13, 2011
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ goes the saying. Development of the body is as important as that of the mind. Games and sports keep the body fit. They are good for the body, as knowledge is food for the mind, and religion for the soul. If health is wealth, games and sports are the means to get it.

2.Games and sports are very useful for health. They refresh the mind and fill the body with fresh air. They keep us free from diseases. They provide fresh oxygen and make us more active. Their important is untellable.

3.Games and sports develop a sense of discipline among the students. A disciplined team wins the game. The players abide by the rules of the games and the adjustment of the referee. This teaches the players the importance of rules and regulations in life. Therefore sportsmen are generally found more disciplined persons than others.

4.Games and sports develop the spirit of sportsmanship. It means fair play and no favor. The players play with the team spirit. Thus they learn the need of cooperation for success. With this quality, sportsmen prove to be good citizens in life. They develop in them a feeling of community life and self-sacrificing nature.

5.Games and sports are good means of recreation. They remove the dullness of life. They refresh the body as well as the mind. When we feel bored we play games. After playing games we regain our lost energy and work with greater interest.

6.Games and sports also inspire the qualities of leadership. Students are the future citizens and rulers of a country. So games are very essential for them. Some students neglect games thinking them meaningless and wastage of time. They are in the wrong. It must be made compulsory for every student to take part in college games and sports. Games and sports develop feeling of harmony among players. Common Wealth Games and other games and sports competitions bring people of different countries closer. To some extent games and sports help...
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