Value Change and the Rise of New Politics

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  • Published : January 15, 2014
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The Evolution of Politics:
A Study of the Way Values Have Influenced Politics

In the article “Value Change and the Rise of New Politics”, Neil Nevitte argues that there are deepening intergenerational changes happening in “advanced democracies”; he argues that the younger generations are developing new values different of those from the elder. Nevitte suggests that “these value shifts have had a profound impact on our social, economic, and political lives”,(2007) and therefore there has been a shift in the style of politics, from old politics to new politics and the matters each of these systems deal with. Nevitte explores the many possible causes that have imposed the shift on politics; he thoroughly explains how each generation differs and how such characteristics have forced innovations on politics. Nevitte refers to research and findings by political scientist Ronald Inglehart who uses a theory developed by Psychologist Abraham Maslow, and embraces Inglehart’s theory of “materialistic orientation”. Inglehart uses generations that witnessed great depression and the generations after as subjects of example to approach the behaviour and evolution of values caused by the difference in experiences between generations. “People socialized during hard times tend to save more because their primary concern during their formative years was material insecurity [...] materialist outlooks from the foundation of old politics focuses on the creation and maintenance on welfare states and on the politics of welfare distribution. People who were born after the great depression Have no first-hand experience with those great physical and economic traumas [...]the will be more likely than those of preceding generations to internalize postmaterialistic outlooks [...] quality of life issues such as the environment, diversity and the freedom to pursue non traditional lifestyles,”(2007). To support his position Nevitte utilizes world value data of distinct graphs to exhibit...
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