Value Chain Management (Hp vs Dell)

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Pro-forma A
Background Information
As an overview Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a technology company that operates worldwide, the main image they portrait of themselves is that they explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challengers, and realise their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. HP have stated on their website that (1) they apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way their customers live and work. At the moment HP are striving to be an economic, intellectual and social asset to each country and community in their business industry, their main focus is on three technology shifts transform their customers lives and businesses. The main three focuses for their growth are information explosion, digital transformation and environmental sustainability.

The product for customers
‘HP 2116A, Launched 1966’
‘HP 2116A, Launched 1966’
HP released their first computer in 1966, and it was known as HP 2116A, ‘HP Pavilion DM3, 2010’ ‘HP Pavilion DM3, 2010’
but Forty-four years who knew that technology at HP will grow so fast from what we see on the right to the image below of the new DM3 which was released for January 2010. The new HP Pavilion DM3 was made for HP customers to experience high top performance with maximum flexibility it was originally designed mainly for mobile users. After HP decided to provide some choices for the laptop for those who would like to use it as their personal computer and for all types of users including students. There are many elements which make the new Pavilion stand out in the market than any other Notebook, Netbook or HP laptop. Its less than one-inch thin and weighs only 4.2pounds, it also features a lightweight, brushed aluminium chassis in sophisticated Modern Argento gray that they say makes it easy for consumers to carry virtually anywhere. The laptop itself has a built-in WWAN for wireless connectivity anywhere that a mobile phone works and includes a low-light VGA HP webcam and microphone. It has not got a Built-in CD drive but has a Lightweight external optical disc drives, including a Blu-ray which is optional to some DM3.

Key Pavilion DM3 attributes
There are three key attributes for the new HP Pavilion DM3, are as follows: * Convenience ‘Lightweight and Thin’: Less than 1” inch thin and weighing 4.2lbs this easily slips into backpacks, purse or briefcase.

* Technology ‘Long Battery Life’: Battery life is said to be ten hours long with a maximum using when used for films and audio of about six hours.

* Quality ‘Brushed Aluminium’: The cover of the laptop is so light with a scratch and low dent proof with the cover running between the keyboards. Type of research undertaken
In order to analysis whether this laptop was a success to what HP wanted to achieve, quick interviews were carried out with permission from the manager at the Comet electronic store in Romford. The interviews where done around ten key customers who agreed to take two minutes at the end of their purchase to answer some questions. The second chosen research was online; this is to gather the information in regards to what those who use computers everyday had to say about the Pavilion DM3 so Yahoo was used as a source to find out. Purpose of research

The purpose of taking on interview as one type of research is because it’s face to face, its fresh information as the customers have just purchased the product and most important selective. The age group was between eighteen to around fifty, consisting of five males and five females all who directly purchased the item from Comet. The interview was short as most of the customers were in a rush so therefore only four questions were asked. The purpose of the online research was because most people who would buy this type of product are going to be online or travelling which would be great to hear from...
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