Value Chain

Topics: RFID, Advertising, Customer service Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Value Chain for the Project

The primary activities applicable in our project are:
Inbound Logistics:
* The RFID cards need to be purchased from the suppliers. * The name, photo and other details need to be printed on the card. * RFID card reader system also should be installed at the counters of the multiplex. Operations:

* This includes training the service personnel to incorporate the changes needed while issuing tickets to the movie goers due to the new RFID system installed. * Storage of data related to the cardholders in a central database. * Making the relevant changes in the site used to book tickets online to incorporate changes brought in by the new RFID system. * Checking the identity of the cardholder at the multiplex. Outbound Logistics:

* Dispatching the new RFID cards to the customers who have subscribed for this facility. Marketing and Sales:
It is necessary to create awareness of this innovative facility made available to the customers. Hence proper marketing of the card will be done through: * Print media advertising
* Hoardings and banners at the multiplex as well as throughout the city. * Online advertising
* tie-up with the leading bookstores, salons, restaurants online stores for discounts for our “BIG Card” holders Service:
* Maintenance of the database containing card holder details. * Ensuring proper functioning of the hardware installed at the counters. * Customer support made available to the customers.

Apart from this support facilities applicable are:
Purchasing RFID cards in bulk and card reader system from the suppliers

* The RFID technology required to install this system
* Database Management of customer details and other relevant information * Making change in the online booking process to incorporate card holder bookings. Human Resources:
* Hiring technical staff to install RFID system.
* Hiring people with technical...
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