Value and Ethics in Global Setting

Topics: Culture, Ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: May 24, 2010
Values and Ethics in a Global Setting – Outline
Thesis: An individual can use their own personal values to reconcile their values in a global setting I. Reconciling Personal Values in a global setting
a. Parental teachings
b. What I have learned
II. Reconciling Cultural Values in a global setting
c. Growing up in other countries
d. Bringing diversity to the plate
III. Reconciling Organizational Values in a Global setting e. What does the company mean to me
f. How does my upbringing play a part
IV. Reconciling Ethics in a Global Setting
g. Why should ethics matter
h. How does ethics play a part in my life

Reconciling Organizational Values in a Global setting
An enormous amount of organizations continue to expand into the global market so it is essential for individuals to analyze their personal values and reflect upon organizational values to be successful in global surroundings. Every effective organization identifies and develops a clear and concise value statement so that everyone understands and supports it. Many companies are now using personal values systems assessments to make sure the candidate values is best fitted for the organizations values. The value you place on your organization or your place of employment and colleagues is extremely important to how successful your career will be. To reconcile organizational values with personal values, I would identify my own values and compare them with the organizations values. Once you identify and understand your personal values, you can seek advice from them whenever you have to make a key decision. For example, if you are offered a promotion that will change your work schedule and add a heavier work load, would you take it? If values like success and accomplishment are the top of your list, then you probably will take the offer. If school and family time is the top of your list then you will say no to the offer. Growing...
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