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Value Alignment

By | November 2012
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Value Alignment
Elmer Fernandez, Melissa Martens, Robert Nilsson, Wilfredo Parrilla, Ivette Ramirez
November 8, 2012
John O’Brien
In today’s world of accelerated communication and technologically advanced electronics, individuals and businesses look to industry leaders for the latest advances. As a leader in today’s personal computing and communication industries, Apple is a front-runner in bringing new technology to the hands of the user. Since the start of Apple in 1977, Apple has continued to pioneer the personal computing and communications industries. According to the company’s mission statement as stated by Hamilton (2011), “Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings” (para. 3). As a leader in the market, Apple has many values reflected by the company’s plans and the company’s actions. Analyzing these values will create a greater knowledge and a greater understanding of where Apple has been and where the company will go.

Origins of Personal Values
Collectively, Team Bravo’s values started at home when they were young. These values came from the family, work, religion, or societal position; most values were first taught by parents, social circles, or someone he or she idolized. Every individual value that one possesses is either applied, enforced, strengthened, adapted, or modified by groups that one had experienced. These values are key components to one’s experiences and evolutional growth. One value that cannot be taken away is education; the team is in unison that education plays a major role in one’s life. The concept of education as a value extends to Apple’s 1980s mission statement by Steve Jobs, “Man is the creator of change in this world. As such he should be above systems and structures, and not subordinate to...

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