Value Alignment

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group Pages: 4 (1397 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Value Alignment
One company recognized worldwide for its family oriented services and performances is The Disney Company. The values instilled by The Disney Company (Disney) are one of the biggest contributers to its success. The following will discuss the origins and subsequent evolution of personal and workplace values and will explain how the individual values drive the actions and behaviors. The paper will also analyze the alignment between persoanl values and actions and behaviors as well as the degree of alignment between Disney’s stated values and its actual plans and actions. Finally the paper will explain and analyze the degree of alignment between personal values and the values of Disney as reflected by its plans and actions. Origins and Subsequent Evolution of Personal and Workplace Values The Disney Company has become an internationally known company because of their beliefs and values in organizational development and rapid evolution. “Disney has an incredible array of assets, some of the world’s best known brands, and a culture that since the time of Walt Disney, has embraced technological change and maintained an unwavering commitment to great creativity. When it comes to quality, no name shines more brightly in family entertainment than Disney” (The Walt Disney Company, 2010). This provides family entertainment and media enterprise within five business sections involving the media, parks, resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products, and Walt Disney Internet Group. The Walt Disney Company originated from Walt Disney’s passion for art and entertainment in 1955 by opening their Disneyland Park. Today, the organizational values of Disney are innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency (The Walt Disney Company, 2010). Each value shares Disney’s main philosophy in art and entertainment. Besides providing entertainment, they include charitable giving, workplace diversity, and increasing online safety for children (The...
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