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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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“VALS was based on social values, and at that time VALS was an acronym for Values and Lifestyles. However, currently, VALS is based on selected psychological traits and key demographics instead of values.” (VALS). My primary VALS type is Thinker, and secondary is Innovator; the primary type portrays our dominant approach to life while the secondary type represents a particular importance we give to our dominant approach. Thinkers are people that are mature, well educated and they usually research products before purchasing. As for Innovators, they are usually confident, smart and successful leaders. I had to take the VALS twice, the first time I wasn’t completely honest, I answered the questions the way I thought was more acceptable, and my results were Achiever/Experiencer and when I read the description I didn’t agree with it, so I decided to retake the survey and this time I was brutally honest and I think I my VALS type is accurate. I’m a very conscientious consumer, usually research products and services before making a final purchase. I feel that I am a confident well educated leader, so my results are precise. Marketers can definitely use the information to their benefit when trying to market a certain product. It would help them know how to market products to different types of consumers. A consumer like me would like to see more information on products when it’s being advertised, so I think they can use that knowledge to their advantage by advertising the features of a product.


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