Validation Strategies

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  • Published: February 6, 2013
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Subject: Interpersonal Communication

Author: Milushka Lok

Teacher: Benoit Verplancke

Topic: Validation Strategies

Date: 01-21-2013

Validation Strategies

Abstract: Understand what this topic talks about and what is referring to. Try to make the reader understand without any doubt and can easily apply this topic into his or her life, improving the way of communication. Keywords: Experiences, people, feelings, understand acceptance and respect.

This topic is furthermore better than I thought it would be when I first chose it. Validation strategies consists in respect ourselves, builds trust, listen, respects others, respect our and others’ experiences. Validation is a simple concept to understand but difficult for so many people to practice. Is when you are in a conflict with someone and you stop that kind of conflict making that fight becomes a normal conversation. That’s why we can say that validation works by stopping the fight before it begins because that is the final objective. It is also a very important process in everyone’s life nowadays because normally a lot of people don’t respect themselves and they don’t even respect others. That’s why I think this is so important to learn and understand because these strategies consists in respect our and others feelings and experiences. It means that we should respect what the others are saying and you should respect what you are feeling at that time. Validation basically means letting the other people know that you accept and respect their feelings, Standing in their shoes- empathy, making them feel important and intelligent. For a lot of people might be very common to think that validation is just when you accept what the other person is saying even if you disagree, fortunately is not like that. Validation doesn't mean just agreeing or approving, Validation is when you really understand the other person’s experience, when you really understand what the other person is living, when you try to calm everything and try to not make a huge fight or conflict, is a way of supporting them and strengthening the relationship while maintaining a different point of view or opinion. Validation opens the way for communication, creates strong relationships and absolutely builds trust in both parties, because it lets both parties to talk about the root of the problem, it plants a conversation without any type of conflict or fight and it starts a relationship for so long. The basic steps for this process are acknowledging the other person's feelings, Identifying the feelings which means that we have to listen carefully to the other person, Offering to listen, Helping them label the feelings, being there for them; remaining present physically and emotionally, feeling patient and finally feeling accepting and non-judgmental for the other person. Validation disarms the other person because there is no need for a battle when you feel that the other person is really listening to you and really understands you. In that case you are feeling that the other person is respecting you. It is not necessary to talk to let the other person know that you understand, it is just about eye contact, positive body language and facing the person when talking, it is also about nodding or saying ‘uh-huh’ or ‘okay’ that will make believe that you are giving all of your attention. This strategy creates negatives thoughts, that’s why when you are mentally prepared for a fight with someone and the other person validates you it automatically put you down and it also make you think well and make you understand that you can really start a conversation instead of making a big problem or fight. It is the recognition and acceptance of another person's feelings, thoughts and sensations. Validation builds trust in others people minds and even in ours too because it helps to make the other person know that his or her situation is really understandable so that he or she is not going to feel bad, weird or...
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