Valentine's Day

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Kristina Garrido
MKT 2500-06
Prof. Kohut
16 February 2012
Reaction Paper
Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days in the year. Some people love this holiday, while others despise it. It is usually the girls who are in relationships or have dates who love it, and the single people and the men are not the biggest fans. This is a very expensive holiday for guys who have girlfriends or dates. The average price of a bouquet of roses is about $50-$60. That does not include the chocolates and teddy bear that is expected to go along with that. That can cost another $30-$40. There is so much advertising and hype that leads up to this day, but when the day comes is it really what it is expected to be?

Reaction: This holiday can either make or break a couple. There is so much hype that comes along with it, not to mention the expectations from women in actual relationships. Due to the fact that this holiday is not cheap and the economy isn’t at it’s best right now, a lot of men hold back from asking women on dates. Also, a lot of men who aren’t so romantic and who are comfortable in their relationships, they get away with a simple bouquet of roses and chocolates. Despite all the advertisements on store windows and even social networks, men still find a way to “forget” or not do the right thing to make their woman happy. There is a high competition for florists because local shops get customers that do everything last minute, while bigger companies who have advertisements everywhere, get the audience of men who actually pre-planned a couple days in advanced. Smaller florist shops also are not as likely to have specials because they run their business differently than bigger shops and their profits are usually less. Roses and chocolates are never enough though, then comes dinner. You can make all the reservations you want but when you get to dinner and the place in packed with hundreds of couples, is the service exactly what you wanted it to be? Men might begin...
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