Valedictory Speech

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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When I was told to try out for the valedictorian’s speech I was a bit apprehensive and thought to myself “do I really want to try out?” I told a friend about the conflict going on in my head, and she simply said “If you have something to say, say it.” I went home and realized, I do have something to say, I have a lot To say. 12 years worth of things to say. A very Good evening to our Respected Chief Guest, Mr. Browne, Our principal ,Vice president, Headmistress, teachers and my dearest friends. Tonight's the countdown

'Til the day we're not around
It’s amusing how I remember as if yesterday, when as small children we saw the shamiana of this very function when we walked into school the next day and inquired what it was about. A classmate having a senior sibling told us “it’s the big children’s function. They dress up and come in colour clothes and have a party with candles”, and now I stand here giving my valedictory speech with a sense of pride, nostalgia and achievement. We evidently grew up too fast. We are here this evening to celebrate our growth as human beings and the closing of maybe one of our most cherished most precious chapters of our lives. Hoping to never let go of the memories we made. As I stand at the portals of this school, I see myself enter as a very small girl with two pigtails and a sweater walking into school with my hand in a fellow students’. Both of us running as fast as our little feet could carry us in fear of being late. I recall the small miniature seats of bright colours and the small kiddy trifles and miffs we had over missing pencils and erasers. I now enter in a sari with my arms linked with people I trust with my life, looking for reasons to stay with these friends as long as possible, no form of stationary now being a reason for argument. I now envy the junior students .They still have time to grow up and a chance to continue and unravel the mysteries of adolescence, life, relationships of all kinds. High School: its the...
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