Valedictory Address

Topics: Life, Valedictorian, Right Now Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Valedictory Address

Honorable guest, respectful principal, beloved teachers, dear parents, fellow graduates…to you…a good day to all!!! It is my great honor and privilege to stand and speak before you, especially now that I am about to receive my diploma.

I could still remember those moments…moments of laughter and tears, anger and calmness, ups and downs, and the like…moments shared with my teachers, friends and classmates here in school. Truly, time is running so fast. Before, my parents would just bring and fetch me in school. A few years after, my friends would fetch me at home and together we would go to school. This is definitely part of growing up. Within those momentous years, a lot of things had happened. I served and was served. I quit and went on where I had overcome all the challenges—recitation, quizzes, exams, projects, contests, and even peer pressure.

Saint Augustine once said and I quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". This quotation strikes me because I believe that if I don’t experience a lot of things, and I confine myself only in my place, I only get to read one page. This gives me the reason why I love to experience and to see what other faces of life have to offer. Indeed, I have proven that absolutely, out there are numerous experiences blessed with significance and value that would develop my being so as for me to succeed. As a testimony, a few minutes from now, I am about to get the proof of my dreams, a simple paper that would summarize my strengths and weaknesses as a student. But is this really the symbol and end of my difficulties? I am pretty sure, it’s not! Hence, it is only the beginning of the true color of my life. An old book of mine would close as I receive my certificate of achievement, and another book would open—a more adventurous book of my being. Yes! My childhood is over. As pages from my book turn, education would always be my guide, as what my parents...
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