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Psych 1

Observational study
Differences between the access channel of two groups of high school students based in VAK activities. Problem Statement
According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a model of internal and external communication, which focuses on the study of both, states that there are three ways in which humans perceive reality, which are visual, auditory and kinesthetic better known as VAK activities. It also states that it has to do with the way in how men express and how they interact with others as well as how the information is processed, and at the same time how human beings learn. When we talk about access or communication channels we refer to the five senses that man has, smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. Through these senses we perceive things, but some people have developed some more than others, and this is how each person is defining his dominant access channel, thus being a very important factor for our perception. Visual: Based on the aesthetic and image, so the images are quickly processed and stored. Auditory: Control of voice, pitch, speed, frequency and low tolerance to high tones. Kinesthetic: Need to perceive things through touch. They learn more efficiently this way (movement). Problem:

¿How is it going to affect the way high school students learn according to their access channel? I. Hypothesis:
The type of education and the environment, will affect the way in how the student processes and retains information according to its access channel. When we talk about the type of communication channel of each person, it depends on different factors: the easiest way to communicate with that person, how that person communicates and expresses, and the personality of each individual. It should be mentioned that when a person is visual, auditory or kinesthetic, also has certain character traits that help us identify what kind of channel is more develop. Objective

Humans develop an access channel more than other depending on their environment. So my goal is to demonstrate that the type of education and the environment significantly influences the way in how the student processes and retains information according to its access channel, and because I want to focus on the students environment (schooI) I would do a naturalistic observation.

II. Target of observation
To achieve my objective I plan to use a survey for two groups of fifty people from two different high schools between 15 and 18 years old, of both sexes, and based on their educational environment define what type of access channel they have more developed. I selected high school students around that age because I think that they could be able to answer the survey more wisely according to their student experiences and at this age is more important to know about your communication channel to do better in the future and the student challenges that they have at that age, Theoretical Framework.

NLP is the study of subjective human experience, how we organize, what we perceive and how we perceive the outside world through our senses. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is defined as a set of techniques designed to produce permanent changes in a short time creating a systematic frame of reference to direct the brain. It means, investigate how we transmit our perception of the world through language, depending on how the brain perceives things and stores this information. As indicated by its terms: (NPL) the mind is changeable, depending on our ability to choose specific thoughts. Neuro: neural processes controlling mental activity, that controls simultaneously the relationship between mind and body. Linguistics: Through communication systems we are able to establish contact and communication with the outside world, especially with the body than verbally. NLP provides the opportunity to study subjectively. The communication is determined by the thoughts and perceptions. Perceptions are the information gathered by the senses, which is...
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