Vaibhav Case Study

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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|VIBHAVA Chemicals | |Case Study | |Marketing Management Assignment | | | |(02/11/2012) | |By Group-2 | |Abhilash.C.N.A | |Ambady.M.M | |Govardhan.V | |Josyula Krishna | |Sriram T.E | |Thiyagarajan.P | |Varun Pandey |

Q1. What according to you are the problems faced by Vibhava’s Black Belt brand? [pic]

Q2. Analyze Vibhava’s response to Domex’s attack?

Q3. Define the segmentation and positioning strategy for Black Belt. Would you recommend changing it? Segmenting
We would recommend changing the positioning of Black Belt (as mentioned above) so that it can withstand the heavy competition from MNCs like HUL (DOMEX).

Q4. Select one of the strategic options presented in the case and state your reasons for selecting the option for meeting short term goals. Does it have long term impact on Vibhava’s product portfolio? According to the calculation mentioned below, we only have to achieve the extra 111 Million target by end of this year and for that we are going to use a mix of Strategies:

Strategy #1-we will intensify...
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