Vadilal Ice Cream

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This Project work is prepared by Ms. Rima V Dave a student of T.Y.B.B.A. Hereby declare that the project report is my own work and had been carried out under the supervision of Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra of Shri R.P.Bhalodiya College of commerce & management, Saurastra University, Rajkot.

I, submit the report to Saurastra University, Rajkot. I preciously assure you that this work had not been previously submitted to any other university for any other examination.



“Knowledge and human power are synonyms”, once said the great philosopher Francis Bacon. However based on the experience within today’s global markets, he would probably say, “The ability to capture, communicate & leverage knowledge to solve problems is human power”. This raises the question how exactly one can best capture, communicate & leverage knowledge, especially within world of system engineering.

The answer probably lies in statement itself by communicating your ideas and devising ways and means to give shape to your plans in to reality, which requires a long-term planning, investment and shrewd thinking.

The tryst for knowledge and power led me to three years B.B.A. degree course as part of this long-term investment. This course not only enabled me to focus firmly on the current trend but also helped to focus on future changes.

As a part of this B.B.A. degree, students have to undergo a project, which is designed keeping the prerogative and preferences of industry in mind. This particular project allows a student to implement what she has learned within the four walls of classroom. It is here that the caliber of student is tested to find his flexibility for rigorous tasks assigned to her in future.

This report that I am submitting intends to highlight my versatility in sustaining the pulls and pressure of day to day professional life and put to perspective the facts that I am capable enough to deliver whenever a challenge is thrown to me.

This report is divided in two parts. The first part gives the basic information about the project, the industry and the company. The second part consists of Research Analysis and Conclusion on the basis of particular Research Process. At the end I have provided a short list of the reference books and the sites that provided useful information during the project.


Knowledge in itself is a continuous process. At this moment of my substantial enhancement I rarely find enough words to express my gratitude towards those who were constantly involved with me during my project and making it a success. Men become good through practice than by nature.

I am grateful to Mr.Kuldeep Jobanputra, faculty of Shri R.P.Bhalodiya College who created this opportunity to work on the project.

I am highly obliged to Mr. Jetendra Dave, Area Sales Manager of Vadilal Industries Ltd. Rajkot for allocating such an interesting and challenging project. In spite of being very busy, he was ready to help me whenever required.

The whole staff of Vadilal Industries Ltd. was highly co-operative and I am thankful for all the support they extended to me. I would also like to thank my parents and all my friends who have helped me, though indirectly, through out the project duration and always have been a source of encouragement.


Today is the age of globalization, and competition has become a regular feature in every industry. Every player in the market has to strive hard to sustain. Good marketing strategies are always assisting the companies to survive and grow.

Competition is very tough in today’s market. Consumer is the one who chooses from all the available brands and selects the company of his will. The impact of digital revolution on Competition sets the tone for setting up the modern marketing strategies that includes the study of analysis...
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