Vaccination Protestation

Topics: Immune system, Vaccination, Vaccine Pages: 5 (1913 words) Published: December 11, 2012
As part of indoctrination into modern Western civilization, we have been propagandized that in order to ward off infectious and dangerous diseases, we need to be vaccinated. Our lowly immune systems, it is claimed, are no match for the most virulent diseases and deadly bacteria. Without the discovery of vaccines, we would be left vulnerable and lucky to survive horrible plagues and diseases. Or would we? There is amazing little proof that the effectiveness of vaccines in their current form is even worth the “peace of mind” we seek and the risk of life we take as we are injected with a potent toxic concoction. Vaccinations should rarely, if ever, be used as a means of protection against infectious diseases because of the lack of evidence proving their effectiveness, the toxic ingredients, and the serious safety risks involved. One reason vaccines should not be administered is because their effectiveness has not been proven. Our modern day “snake oil salesmen” are pushing an elixir that promises a cure for what might ail us. Like their 1800s’ counterparts, the pharmaceutical companies are producing products that are not living up to their hype. The “magic” of vaccines is supposed to work to encourage the immune system to produce antibodies that remember the disease, but not to the extent that it sickens us with the disease that the vaccination was trying to prevent (Cassel, 2006). The theory of saving lives by vaccination would be miraculous if it actually worked out as planned. The problem is that no supporting evidence exists and the reports that contraindicate their effectiveness are even worse; yet mainstream science is choosing to sweep the viable facts under the rug. Another problem is that vaccine failures are occurring because the antibody produced is not a true antibody (Tenpenny, Vaccine Failures). A common misconception is that when a person receives a vaccination, the developed antibody provides actual immunity from infection (Tenpenny, Vaccine Failures). At best, the vaccine provides a very temporary immunity, but not in enough force to make a difference. The reason boosters are required is that vaccines, like the MMR shot, do not offer life-long immunity as do antibodies achieved through natural immunity (Tenpenny, Saying No to Vaccines). Statistics show that vaccines cannot guarantee immunity from disease, even in children who have been vaccinated against them. In 1995, there was a mumps outbreak in which 53 out of 54 students had received the vaccination and there was no report of failure associated with the vaccine itself (Tenpenny, Vaccine Failures). Tenpenny also chronicled a measles outbreak in 1987 in an American middle school, even though 99 percent of the children were reported to have received the vaccine with no incident (Vaccine Failures). According to an account in October of 2001, a chickenpox outbreak occurred despite the fact that 97 percent of the students had been vaccinated with the varicella vaccine (Tenpenny, Vaccine Failures). Further reports found that multiple failures of the mumps vaccine happened in Russia causing widespread mumps outbreaks from 2002-2004 (Atrasheuskaya, 2007). Shockingly, there was not a single reported instance of the vaccines used in these cases coming from faulty or tainted batches, as one would expect. Vaccines are simply not protecting against disease. Even more puzzling is that the rate of disease is nearly identical for vaccinated and unvaccinated children (Mercola). Vaccines actually inhibit our cellular immune system’s ability to engage and destroy the disease; they do not prevent the disease (Cassel, 2006). Dr. Joseph Mercola asserts that if vaccines depress our immunity, then vaccines do not benefit our health (Mercola). Rather, our metabolism and body functions are negatively altered due to vaccines (Mercola). Vaccines actually depress the thyroid and modify the immune system for the worse. Additionally, vaccine studies are not conducted in a manner that...
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