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Topics: Vaccination, Vaccine, Influenza vaccine Pages: 3 (2456 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Assessment Task 1: Evidence ranking and summary Brendon Maokhamphiou Clinical Question: Is vaccinating the public for diseases (such as influenza (in adults) and measles (in children)) harmful to their health? Source| Evidence Type| Advantages| Limitations| Quality & Rank| Justification| Berg, E. (1990, September 14th). Innovative programs aim to increase immunizations. American Medical News, 33(34), 12- 14. Retrieved from| Secondary| This newspaper article has included study and statistics of children being immunised compared to those who haven’t. It discusses why clinics are focusing on innovating plans to increase immunisations. The writer has also interviewed recognised medical professionals and included their answers and quotes therefore adding more credibility. This article would have been peer assessed and therefore been improved and altered.| This newspaper article is quite old as it was published in 1990 and therefore the statistics and information may have now changed making this source unreliable and not relevant to today and recent trends. As it is a newspaper article it may be biased as it focuses on selling the paper, therefore the information may be one sided and exaggerated.| 5| This newspaper article has been ranked fifth because even though it contains great information it was published in 1990, and therefore the statistics and information is not relevant to today’s vaccination of influenza and measles. Compared to the other sources they were all published after the year of 2005 therefore making their information and evidence more relevant to today’s trends. If this article was published more recently and contained information on today’s trends it would have been ranked much higher as it covers and discusses the...
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