Vacation Essay

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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This is not even ended, and who knows what else it will bring. I only know that I’m looking forward, with enthusiasm to discover. This is my summer of 2012. My little sister got married, my little brother went to Greece to work, my bigger sister moved to another city, for life. Me, I fell in love. Like for three times, different people, but a special once that I think it would have a special place in my mind for some time, or maybe – forever. Although, what can last forever? Maybe just ideas, but they go around hand in hand with you, and when you’re gone you maybe have to make sure that you leave them to somebody else to inherit. But somebody who deserves to carry them around and who, at his/her turn/should transmit them to somebody else and so on, in order to maintain and perpetuate a good, solid, or shavy, weak thinking. Whatever. It’s just an idea, you know? How the hell did I get in love three times? I think the first two where simply projections, ideas, to be honest, one of them was almost becoming a fixation and the other I did not allow myself to let it grow. Yep, I’m a good girl, I am… She said one day: “please don’t be mad, I have to tell you something, it’s not too easy for me and it would be even harder if you are looking at me like the big sister”. And then I followed, as a normal, logical bigger sister would: “Oh, crap, you’re pregnant! I guess I can be an aunt, damn it!” But she continued: “I’m not pregnant. I left my job at HP. I need to focus on my studies, I need to finish my Masters, because I want to leave the country, I will go to Saudi Arabia with him”. And I go like: “Really, couldn’t you just have been pregnant? You are leaving the country? What? How will you even do that? Saudi Arabia? You know what they do to women there? You know that they cut their arms if they just want to? They can find a reason, you just have to be a woman there.” And then it hit me. Brutally: “Well, I will get married with him” That shocked me as a punch directly...
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